Bistro de Paris Residency Part 3

After an incredible second installment of the residency, paying tribute to the Boss, we will be back once again for our Holiday Party on December 18th, with the incredible Yellow Jacket Avenger and Mike Paterson.

A Quick Note on the Boss Tribute

I just wanted to say how honored I was to be part of such a special night at the last edition of the residency. I feel spoiled to be in an artistic community with talent this deep! Thnx to the people that came out and made it the special night that it was. Seb Black and his Emery Street Records crue showed up and just about stole the show (in the best possible way). Michael Mooney effortlessly took us on a journey with his beautiful renditions of "I'm on Fire" and "Atlantic City," and Frank Makak made his return to the live scene after a too-long hiatus. A special shout out has to go out to my man Dave Lines for absolutely killing it on piano all night long. Danny was smiling down on us from the great beyond I'm sure. Susan Moss was on hand, and captured some great moments.


My friends, something awesome has happened. My old buddy Geoff Pye has moved to Montreal and is playing songs off the latest Yellow jacket Avenger album "Branden Town" with a 5 piece band. I know Geoff from my Ottawa days, and for a brief moment I played guitar in an erstwhile incarnation of YJA: It was one of the highlights of my musical journey so far. So imagine my delight when the very same week that my buddy Al Isler gifts me the new book "Wooden Stars:Innocent Gears" I receive a message from Geoff about possibly sharing a bill. Done and done!

Mike P

Those of you "In The Know," know that the ongoing friendship and artistic partnership between myself and Mike Paterson is a truly wonderful thing. I'm honored to call Mike one of my best friends in Montreal and I hope that our special bond only intensifies and deepens with time. Mike recently unveiled something very special to me: his new holiday medley! Its a wonderful song about the magic of the holidays that I'm sure YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

This is Mike's Dorrito's commercial


Head on over to facebook and join the holiday party event. You'll be glad that you did. Shrimmmmmm!!!!!

Springsteen Tribute!

Living the Dream!!

Next Tuesday November 26th I get to realize one of my lifetime dreams of getting up on stage to incarnate the music of one of the best songwriters of all time, the Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

Top Hands

I feel truly lucky and honored that I will be able to do this in the company of some of Montreal’s finest musicians. Almost every day I count my lucky stars that I have been fortunate enough to put together the group of guys that I am currently working with. In addition to core Hurricane members Al Isler, Peter X, Fred Bouchard, and Marcel Anicic, we are extremely happy to be working with Dave Lines who will once again be holding down the keys with us. Dave is a veteran of the Montreal music scene and fronts his own awesome band, A Devil’s Din. Also joining us from D.D will be drummer Dominique Hemalas, coming onboard at the last minute to help us out for this show. And it wouldn’t be a proper Springsteen shows without our very own Big Man, Vincent Stephen Ong on saxaphone.

Special Guests!

And then there are the special guests. Last month we were blown away to have Colin Moore join us for our Tom Petty tribute, and this month we are once again truly humbled by the response from the local artistic community. For this edition of the residency we will be joined by no less than three of the most talented songwriters and performers on the local scene. If you haven’t hear of Frank Makak, Seb Black, or Michael Mooney than I urge you to check them out. If you’re already familiar with their work, then next Tuesday is a great opportunity to see them in a unique setting playing a mix of originals and Springsteen tracks.

Bistro de Paris

A note on the venue. Bistro de Paris is probably the sweetest, least pretentious place to see a real rock and roll show on the Plateau these days. They have a great jukebox, cheap-ass big bottles of beer, and a friendly staff that keeps the party going all night long.

Last month’s residency was probably the most fun I’ve had all year, and for next Tuesday we are upping the ante once again.

We’re going to be raging hard: won’t you come join us?

Pictures from Tom Petty Tribute!

Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane Rock the music of Tom Petty!!



Matt is the coolest!


full band!


Living In the Free World Video Shoot and Bistro de Paris Residency

Living In The Free World Video Shoot

I am exited to announce my Living In The Free World video is underway! We will be hanging out in Parc Laurier for most of the day on Saturday September 28th singing songs, barbecuing and raising up our beer cans. If you are in the area come by and be a part of it! There is a major theme of public participation in the video, so if you show up you will more than likely be in the video!

For all the details check out the Facebook Event.

Bistro de Paris Residency

I'm really happy to be kicking off a monthly residency at the Bistro de Paris on Tuesday October 8th. Once a month, Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane will be taking to the stage to pay tribute to one of our favorite artists. The first edition of the residency will feature the music of Tom Petty with special guest musician Colin Moore. Colin will be joining us to sing some of his favorite Petty tunes and to rip a few originals.

So come on out to the show, buy yourself an entire bottle of booze, and check out the Facebook Event!


Brace for Impact is Underway!

We were in the studio over the weekend, kicking off production for the Brace for Impact album! Myself, Al Isler, George Donosso, Peter X and Simon Patraki laid down bedtracks on Saturday for Living in the Free World, The Year of All Risks, and Conspiracy Theorist. On Sunday we added keys by Dave Lines and a bit of guitar by Al. It was a magic session!

And you wont have to wait for a year to hear it all! Instead, we will be tackling the album track by track, and releasing a new digital single, with accompanying viral video, each time that we finish a track! I will have more information about the video production aspect of the project soon, but rest assured that Amelie Lapointe and I are working on something really fun and interesting that should result in some really cool videos by local Montreal up and coming talent.

Mixing by Don Deligo!

The first single off the record will be Living in the Free World, and we're psyched to announce that producer Don Deligo is signed up to mix the track! Don is a songwriter in his own right, and studio owner, and he's currently working on the latest album by one of my favourite songwriters, Jesse Malin.

Studio Updates!

here are a couple of videos that I shot during the first weekend of recording for Brace for Impact:

Opening for Big Country!

It is with great pleasure that I announce our opening gig with Big Country. I've been a big fan of well-constructed pop songs for the better part of my life, so its a thrill to get to work with some of the best in the business! The 80s is often derided as being a stale, generic period of popular music history, where digital technology and corporate practices helped to instill a paint by numbers, cookie cutter approach to hit making. This may be true in some cases, but lets not forget the level of pop craftsmanship that was about at that time. Just try to imagine a world without Hall and Oates, Phil Collins, the Police, Squeeze, Elvis Costello etc. Unthinkable! This is my second time around opening for one of my 80s heroes (first up was Colin Hay of Men at Work also at the Petit campus venue), and I feel honored to have the opportunity!


Doing a Couple of shows with Belgium's Milow

Its always nice to get the chance to share the stage with somebody that shares a mutual love of Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen, and that's just what I'll be doing next week, when I open for Milow in Quebec City and Montreal.

The event in Montreal will mark my first appearance at Lion D'or, one of Montreal's most legendary venues. Very exited for this!

Gig with Beatrice Deer

I had the pleasure of doing a show with Beatrice Deer, an Inuit singer from Nunavik who blew everybody away with her incredible voice and Inuit throat singing. The gig also marked a reunion of sorts of myself and some of her bandmates, who I studied with at Concordia or did sessions with in the past.

We went on last and played to opening act Zef Racek and 6 of his friends. Zef and his friend Nick Huston did a great low key set to kick off the night, reminiscent of quiet Velvet Underground at times.

Summer Loving Torture Party!

I have big news which I will announce at my next headline gig in Montreal, the Summer Loving Torture Party at Casa del Popolo.

Since it might be my last gig in Montreal for awhile, I am inviting a bunch of my musical friends to come and play 2-3 songs cabaret style, all proceeds going to the SPCA. Hopefully a fun, laid-back night will be had by all. Its PWYC, which Im starting to feel is the best way to do gigs (no guestlist!). So far here's who's showing up:

Lil Andy
Phil Shearing (Paddle to the Sea)
Michel O'Nary (the Hot Showers)
Pang Attack
Sean Foster
James Correa

stay tuned for more info.

Teenage Paws Vinyl 7"

The vinyl has arrived, the date is confirmed and the other acts have been lined up. If your in the Montreal area come and join us for the Teenage Paws Vinyl 7" release party!

Like the post on facebook for your chance to win big!

Join the event on facebook and like the sticky post to get entered in a draw for the teenage paws vinyl and a copy of the critically acclaimed album, The Wake of the Wonder Years!

Don't miss these other awesome bands!!

For the release party, I have really lucked out and two of the best musical acts in Montreal are on board to play! Im talking about Mike O'Brien and the Sunfields!

Where can I get my hands on this vinyl 7" if I cant make the show Andrew?!

Im glad you asked. Practically every record store has em. So far that means Atom Heart, Sound Central, Phonopolois, Sonorama, and Cheap Thrills. Go and get yours now for a chance at free tickets to the show, and a complimentary copy of the WOTWY CD.

And in other news

We will be going into the studio soon to record Living In The Free World the first single from the next record, Brace for Impact. For the recording of this record, we will be going track by track and releasing a digital single as we go, with accompanying "viral" video. We will try to stay on a track per month schedule, and when its all wrapped up we will package the singles together as a single downloadable album. This will be the best way for me budget wise to make the record, and sounds like it will be a whole pile of fun!

Follow our progress on soundcloud using the Brace for Impact Pre-Production set! You can follow the link now to hear the pre-production demos and works in progress. Feel free to leave comments!


Its been surprisingly busy considering that January and February are typically sleepy winter hibernation months for me. I kicked off the year with an amazing gig with wakey!wakey! at Cabaret du Mile End. Michael Grubbs was on fire that night and invited us to share the merch table after the gig. We made some new friends and sold an abnormally high amount of CDs considering that its 2013 and nobody buys CDs anymore. If your not already aware of Michael's music I urge you to check it out!

Had an amazing time at Inspecteur Epingle with my new friends Wes Walls and Simon Walls. Considering that Montreal was knee deep in snow, the more than respectable turn out was really heartwarming for us, and the whole evening had a warm, feel-good vibe that I was really happy with. I got to test out some new tunes, including Night Owl, which always seems to get people to perk up their ears and listen. I couldn't be happier, as its a very personal song, about a dearly departed friend from my high school days.

Next Friday im going to Ottawa to play with my two best friends from throughout my life, Misha Gellman and Eric Passmore. Both Misha and Eric are unique and talented songwriters and its been my pleasure to share my love of music and songwriting with them over all these years.

Well what else can I say....Im currently looking for a label to help take my career to the next level and work with me to put out my next record "Brace for Impact." Its an anthemic collection of big picture songs that paint in broad strokes and address themselves to the stadium going concert goer. Im not ashamed to say that's my goal, and I hope to make it happen sooner than later! Im very fortunate to be working with close musical conspirators Al Isler and Peter X on this endeavor and we hope to be able to deliver the record with or without a label by the end of 2013. You can checkout our progress by following along on the soundcloud set.

Don't Stop Believing!


Happy Holidays and the Year in Review

This will likely be my last post of 2012, and what a year its been!

I've been extraordinarily lucky to have the chance to work with some great people this year and its been a pleasure. Thanks in particular to The Musebox, Greenland Productions, Indaba Music, and thirdsidemusic for the help and support this year!

Thanks also to all the bands we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with this year. And a heartfelt thank you to those of you that bought the record, checked out a show, wrote something positive, liked my page etc. etc. My music is the closest thing I have to a religion, and it truly means everything to me every time somebody supports my music!

We rounded out the year with a great show at Piranha Bar that we recorded for release, with photos by Susan Moss. It was a great night that really put me in the mood for many more live shows to come in 2013.

Happy holidays and all the best until my next blog post in 2013!

Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane Live at Piranha Bar!

The live recording from the show at Piranha Bar on November 15th is all mixed and mastered (kudos go to Al Isler for an excellent job) and ready for your listening pleasure!

Live Photos by Susan Moss

We had the pleasure of working with Susan for the recording of our live album at Piranha Bar. It was a great night and she did a fantastic job capturing the moment!

032-Andrew Johnston-lo res-photo Susan Moss

Click for the complete Set