New Music and Shows

I'm excited to announce I will be releasing new music, coupled with a run of shows to round off the year.

Music called from the Murray Lightburn (The Dears) produced sessions for the "the New Great Game" will be seeing the light of day very shortly after years of gestation. Featuring Michel Pepin on guitar (Sarah Mclachlin, Emmylou Harris, Stevie Nicks) and all-star band The Hurricane, this is the biggest sounding collection of music I've ever put together. I wanted to make my Damn the Torpedoes, my Born to Run, my Teeth Dreams, my biggest-baddest-rock-record-I-could-muster: I gave everything I had on this album, and swung as hard as I could.


Here is the current list of dates surrounding release of this new music

Nov 25th - Toronto - The Central

Nov 26th Wakefield - Kafe 1870

Nov 27st - Ottawa - Shanghai Restaurant

The New Great Game

Big News Coming Next Week !


In Your Eyes Soundtrack Now Available on Lakeshore Recs!

I'm exited to report that the soundtrack to In Your Eyes is out now on Lakeshore records!

Preview it here

And then pick it up from



Happy listening!


Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane Cover Ryan Adams' "Rock and Roll"

Leading up to our Ryan Adams tribute show in April, I put together my own arrangement of this tune from the album of the same title. I enjoyed playing it so much at the show, that I thought I would knock out a version in the studio for fun with the band. We had a great time doing it, and we're exited to share the results with you!

And check out Ryan's record if you haven't already: one of my favorites!

Andrew Johnston featured on "IN YOUR EYES" Soundtrack Album

I am excited to announce that my song “Go Get Another Dream” will be released on ITunes as part of the “IN YOUR EYES” Soundtrack Album on Lakeshore records. The album features songs from Joss Whedon’s film IN YOUR EYES, and will be released on May 27th 2014.

Here is the track listing:

1. “Go Get Another Dream” – Andrew Johnston
2. “Temptation” – Ray Beadle
3. “Resurrection Fern” – Iron & Wine
4. “Flowers In Your Hair” – The Lumineers
5. “The Riot’s Gone” – Santigold
6. “Trouble I’m In” – Twinbed
7. “Glad I Found You” – Eddie Ray
8. “In The Dark” – Opus Orange
9. “Stand In The Water” – Wildlife
10. “The Break Up” – Tony Morales
11. “Crumblin’” – Noah Maffit
12. “Fired Up” – Matt Anderson
13. “Good News Blues” – Doug Jerbine

You can also stream the song from my bandcamp page here

The film is available at Vimeo On-demand here.


"Go Get Another Dream" featured in new Joss Whedon movie, In your Eyes

I am very exited to announce that one of my songs "Go Get Another Dream" is featured in the new Joss Whedon movie, In Your Eyes.

I was able to check out the movie recently on Vimeo On Demand, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there is even some dialog in the film between Nikki Reed and Michael Stahl-David about the song. Without giving too much away, my song is playing the role of a hit song on the radio, and each of the characters has their own opinion of it!

Read more

Brace for Impact is Rolling

New Single "The year of All Risks" Released!!

The second single from Brace for Impact "the Year of All Risks" is now available on Bandcamp!!

Here's what we are saying:

Coming off the February release of “Living In the Free World,” the first single off Andrew Johnston's E.P “Brace for Impact: Part 1,” the Montreal singer-songwriter has announced the release of the second single “The Year of All Risks.”

The song follows in the footsteps of Living in the Free World and explores political themes within the context of life in Montreal. The 5 minute plus indie rock opus is an impassioned cry to not give in, despite the threats to freedom coming from all angles in today’s society. The characters in the song are “hanging out in Montreal, watching the world go to the dogs” but resolve to stick together against all odds.

"It's a song that was inspired by the student protests in Montreal of a couple of years ago. When the protests started it was an exciting time, and it was inspiring to see people taking advantage of their democratic right to take to the streets in protest. But then things took a much darker turn. The government passed laws seriously curtailing these hard fought rights, and we started to hear about cases of police brutality. When I heard about these things, my heart broke for Montreal and Canada. I wrote this song to try to restore my courage and faith in what I think it means to be Canadian.

Join In The Process!!

Starting on April 1st, you can join in the process and help us with the production of "Brace for Impact." We're launching a campaign on indiegogo with all proceeds going to help us finish the album by the end of the year. We're releasing the music as a series of digital-only E.Ps, with the first E.P launching in June.

here is our pitch video!

Vote For Your favorite Artists!!

CBC Music is inviting you to vote for your favorite artists in the first round of the 2014 Searchlight competition. You can vote for Andrew Johnston by checking out my CBC Music page.


Everyday you can vote up to six times!! I am tweeting my daily votes over on Twitter.

Ryan Adams Tribute

I am continuing my monthly residency at Bistro de Paris with a tribute to Ryan Adams. Me and a few of my favorite musical cohorts will be performing stripped down arrangement of some of our favorite RA tunes, featuring acoustic and electric guitar, steel guitar and piano.

Expect to hear from me in the weeks ahead when I announce our special guests for the evening.

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First Post of 2014!

Tons of exiting stuff to announce as part of my first post of 2014! So I will get right to it.

Living In the Free World Video Release

My new single Living in the Free World, premiering on CultMTL and Exclaim!, will launch Tuesday February 18th as part of my residency at Bistro de Paris!

Join the Facebook Event.

Check out the video!

Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane cover the National

The National, is hosting a covers contest over at

This was a great excuse to go into the studio and cover one of our favorite bands, and it was also our first try at music video production. My lovely and talented wife Sarah McGough took care of the filming, and I handled edited duties. We are exited at the prospect of making more!

The National have been an influence on my work, since I had the pleasure of opening for them on the Alligator tour in 2005, so it was cool to have this opportunity to pay tribute!

Brace for Impact Part 1

I will be dividing my new album “Brace for Impact” into a string of digital installments. As mentioned the first single "Living In The Free World" is launching as part of the residency on February 18th.

This will be the first of three mini-releases, which will culminate in an E.P in June 2014, entitled “Brace for Impact: Part 1.”

You can stream the new single on Bandcamp:

Adieu 2013!

I am sitting here in my parent's comfortably appointed living room, looking out onto the winter wonderland that is the countryside outside of Ottawa. Although not a religious person, Christams is always a time of family togetherness for me, when I have the time to take stock of the past year and think about all that I have to be grateful for.

Of course this year has been particularly special, as I had the joy of welcoming my first child into the world, Charles Warren McGough Johnston. He's named Charlie based on all the creative Charlies from Kaufman, Byrd and Harper that me and my wife are so fond of. Warren comes from Warren Zevon, the singular American songwriter with the genius pen and fiery temper that made him such a remarkable person. We can only hope that Charlie will leave his mark on this world in a no less formidable fashion.

A Time to Give Thanks

Once again I have to give a big holiday shout out to greenland productions for believing in my project and sticking me on a couple of pretty big shows in 2013. Highlights included opening a couple of dates for Milow at the Petit Imperial in Quebec City and Lion D'Or in Montreal. The show opening for Wakey!Wakey! last January was a bright spot, with many CDs sold and new fans made. It was a thrill to open up for Scotland's Big Country at Petit Campus and watch them put on a stadium worthy performance. It was an inspiration meeting Mike Peters, Jools and the kids, and learning about all their amazing work with Love, Hope, Strength. Sometimes in life you meet truly inspiring people that light a light inside of you and push you to be a better person.

The Residency

Probably the highlight of the year for me has been the ongoing success of our monthly residency at Bistro de Paris. Claud Legault, Eva Stone and the whole BDP staff have been amazing to us, and we have had some truely beautiful nights of rock and roll heaven.

I just wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to the artists that have participated so far in these magical nights. It really means everything to me that the night has attracted so much interest from the local artistic community, and each of you brought something unique and amazing to the event: Colin Moore, Seb Black, Michael Mooney and The Yellow Jacket Avenger: stay golden boys!

Next year we hope to keep the Residency strong with tribute nights to Ryan Adams, Warren Zevon, TPOH, British Pub Rock and more! So come out and be part of the vibrant Montreal music scene, and if you are an artist that wants to participate get in touch!

I will leave you with a rendition of Springsteen's classic "Backstreets" from the second edition of our residency. this is an epic tale of friendship and striving, which serves as my annual reminder that we can all be something bigger.


Photos from Bistro de Paris Residency Part 2

Great Photos by Susan!

Check out some great photos by Susan Moss from the second edition of our Bistro de Paris residency, a tribute to Bruce Springsteen.

156-Andrew Johnston-hi res-photo Susan Moss


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