Selected Press and Testimonials

Warren Zanes, Tom Petty Biographer

Hi Dr. Johnston–It sounds quite good from where I’m sitting!


Jesse Malin

Thanks for sending the music my way !! I like ” stand by you ” and Living in the free world ” Don did a cool mix … but my fave is ” night owl ” so good …. really pretty but has an ominous sadness to it !

Interview in CultMtl by Lorraine Carpenter

“Johnston took the haters in stride, sat back and listened to the myriad ways his song was being overhauled, learning at least one valuable music lesson.”
From CultMtl, May 3rd, 2013

Video Premiere on

“Andrew Johnston est présent sur la scène musicale montréalaise depuis de nombreuses années, jadis au sein du groupe The Gentleman’s Club ou encore, en solo, sous le pseudonyme Andrew vs. the Enabler. Andrew Johnston a collaboré à l’album Calendar de JF Robitaille en plus d’avoir partagé la scène avec Colin Hay de Men at Work et, au début du mois, avec Alberta Cross.”
From, September 13, 2012

Video Premiere on Baeble

“When Montreal musician Andrew Johnson threatens to beat down your stereo, he means it…especially in this brand new video premiere for “Beat Down Your Stereo”. The gobby, syrup-sweet tune reminisces of bands like New Pornographers and Sloan, and is pulled from Johnson’s new album The Wake of the Wonder Years. Check it now. This exclusive makes Baeble the only place you can see this video.”
From Baeble Music, June 27, 2012

Buying Shots for Bands

“He urged the audience to “keep pursuing your dream.” While he is “just a guy who plays music,” Johnston also works a regular job, but is trying to make a life in music work – because it’s his “religion” up on stage and sometimes you “just have to say fuck it and be afraid.” Whether in the music business or not, I think everyone in attendance walked out of the show with something to think about.”
From Buying Shots for Bands, May 26, 2012

Article in Metro Ottawa

“In just the last few years, he has released numerous albums, both with a group and on his own, including his latest solo effort, The Wake of the Wonder Years.”
From Metro, April 18, 2012

Free MP3 of the day at

“His most recent, Wake of the Wonder Years, showcases his versatility and maturity as a songwriter, channeling such influences as The Constantines, Matthew Sweet, and Hall and Oates..”
From, March 16, 2012

MP3 premiere on Baeble

“Don’t Need To Know” is a song by an artist you might not know and that seems pretty disappointing considering Andrew Johnson’s credentials.”
From Baeble, March 13, 2012

Track review on Zaptown

“For those who enjoyed late ‘90s indie pop that leaned more toward alternative pop…”
From Zaptown, March 20, 2012

Andrew Johnston + Alex Crow – Show Review

“Johnston’s got himself a voice that resembles the likes of Brandon Flowers from The Killers, which suits his driven folk-rock songs very well.”
From Indecent Exposure, February 22, 2012

Montreal’s Got Talent

“Andrew Johnston…proposes a fresh blend of indie rock and folk pop as heard on his new album, The Wake of the Wonder years.”
From The Montreal Mirror, January 17, 2012

CBC Radio 3 Blog

“Folk with pop accents (or pop with folk roots) has always been a strong suit for Canadian music, and Andrew Johnston is no exception to that rule.”
From CBC Radio 3

The PA Daily News

“This is a captivating, if slightly overstuffed, collection of 12 tunes that showcase Johnston’s gifts.”
From The PA Daily News, December 22, 2011

“Johnston’s latest endeavor The Wake of the Wonder Years is the sort of unassuming indie pop disc that oozes with charming harmonies and immediately irresistable songwriting.”
From InForty