When I was about 10 (must have been 1987?) I was obsessed with 2 pop albums that I heard on the radio: Peter Gabriel’s “So”, and Kate Bush “Hounds of Love.” I’m not sure why but Hounds has always just made the hair on my arms stand up and made me feel super emotional. It had this crazy run of 5 songs off the top of the record that will just wreck you. One of them is Running Up That Hill. Its funny how the true meaning of a song will only reveal itself to you over time, as your own experiences reveal the layers that went previously undetected. Or maybe I’m just paying more attention to lyrics these days – I don’t know. Either way here is my version of “Running Up That Hill.” Since I have been focused on improving my one man band approach as of late, I thought this song would pose an appropriate level of difficulty and help me figure out the inner workings of Ableton Live and my Boss RC-300 looper. Sorry that it gets cut off at the end – too much rambling at the beginning and the camera couldn’t handle it! 🙂

Special thanks to Kent for the perfect guitar accompaniment 🙂

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