I am excited to announce that my song “Go Get Another Dream” will be released on ITunes as part of the “IN YOUR EYES” Soundtrack Album on Lakeshore records. The album features songs from Joss Whedon’s film IN YOUR EYES, and will be released on May 27th 2014.

Here is the track listing:

1. “Go Get Another Dream” – Andrew Johnston
2. “Temptation” – Ray Beadle
3. “Resurrection Fern” – Iron & Wine
4. “Flowers In Your Hair” – The Lumineers
5. “The Riot’s Gone” – Santigold
6. “Trouble I’m In” – Twinbed
7. “Glad I Found You” – Eddie Ray
8. “In The Dark” – Opus Orange
9. “Stand In The Water” – Wildlife
10. “The Break Up” – Tony Morales
11. “Crumblin’” – Noah Maffit
12. “Fired Up” – Matt Anderson
13. “Good News Blues” – Doug Jerbine

You can also stream the song from my bandcamp page here

The film is available at Vimeo On-demand here.

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