Bistro de Paris Residency Part 3

After an incredible second installment of the residency, paying tribute to the Boss, we will be back once again for our Holiday Party on December 18th, with the incredible Yellow Jacket Avenger and Mike Paterson.

A Quick Note on the Boss Tribute

I just wanted to say how honored I was to be part of such a special night at the last edition of the residency. I feel spoiled to be in an artistic community with talent this deep! Thnx to the people that came out and made it the special night that it was. Seb Black and his Emery Street Records crue showed up and just about stole the show (in the best possible way). Michael Mooney effortlessly took us on a journey with his beautiful renditions of “I’m on Fire” and “Atlantic City,” and Frank Makak made his return to the live scene after a too-long hiatus. A special shout out has to go out to my man Dave Lines for absolutely killing it on piano all night long. Danny was smiling down on us from the great beyond I’m sure. Susan Moss was on hand, and captured some great moments.


My friends, something awesome has happened. My old buddy Geoff Pye has moved to Montreal and is playing songs off the latest Yellow jacket Avenger album “Branden Town” with a 5 piece band. I know Geoff from my Ottawa days, and for a brief moment I played guitar in an erstwhile incarnation of YJA: It was one of the highlights of my musical journey so far. So imagine my delight when the very same week that my buddy Al Isler gifts me the new book “Wooden Stars:Innocent Gears” I receive a message from Geoff about possibly sharing a bill. Done and done!

Mike P

Those of you “In The Know,” know that the ongoing friendship and artistic partnership between myself and Mike Paterson is a truly wonderful thing. I’m honored to call Mike one of my best friends in Montreal and I hope that our special bond only intensifies and deepens with time. Mike recently unveiled something very special to me: his new holiday medley! Its a wonderful song about the magic of the holidays that I’m sure YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS!

This is Mike’s Dorrito’s commercial


Head on over to facebook and join the holiday party event. You’ll be glad that you did. Shrimmmmmm!!!!!


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Keep in Touch! Hear about news and events

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