Brace for Impact is Underway!

We were in the studio over the weekend, kicking off production for the Brace for Impact album! Myself, Al Isler, George Donosso, Peter X and Simon Patraki laid down bedtracks on Saturday for Living in the Free World, The Year of All Risks, and Conspiracy Theorist. On Sunday we added keys by Dave Lines and a bit of guitar by Al. It was a magic session!

And you wont have to wait for a year to hear it all! Instead, we will be tackling the album track by track, and releasing a new digital single, with accompanying viral video, each time that we finish a track! I will have more information about the video production aspect of the project soon, but rest assured that Amelie Lapointe and I are working on something really fun and interesting that should result in some really cool videos by local Montreal up and coming talent.

Mixing by Don Deligo!

The first single off the record will be Living in the Free World, and we’re psyched to announce that producer Don Deligo is signed up to mix the track! Don is a songwriter in his own right, and studio owner, and he’s currently working on the latest album by one of my favourite songwriters, Jesse Malin.

Studio Updates!

here are a couple of videos that I shot during the first weekend of recording for Brace for Impact:

Opening for Big Country!

It is with great pleasure that I announce our opening gig with Big Country. I’ve been a big fan of well-constructed pop songs for the better part of my life, so its a thrill to get to work with some of the best in the business! The 80s is often derided as being a stale, generic period of popular music history, where digital technology and corporate practices helped to instill a paint by numbers, cookie cutter approach to hit making. This may be true in some cases, but lets not forget the level of pop craftsmanship that was about at that time. Just try to imagine a world without Hall and Oates, Phil Collins, the Police, Squeeze, Elvis Costello etc. Unthinkable! This is my second time around opening for one of my 80s heroes (first up was Colin Hay of Men at Work also at the Petit campus venue), and I feel honored to have the opportunity!


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