Doing a Couple of shows with Belgium’s Milow

Its always nice to get the chance to share the stage with somebody that shares a mutual love of Ryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen, and that’s just what I’ll be doing next week, when I open for Milow in Quebec City and Montreal.

The event in Montreal will mark my first appearance at Lion D’or, one of Montreal’s most legendary venues. Very exited for this!

Gig with Beatrice Deer

I had the pleasure of doing a show with Beatrice Deer, an Inuit singer from Nunavik who blew everybody away with her incredible voice and Inuit throat singing. The gig also marked a reunion of sorts of myself and some of her bandmates, who I studied with at Concordia or did sessions with in the past.

We went on last and played to opening act Zef Racek and 6 of his friends. Zef and his friend Nick Huston did a great low key set to kick off the night, reminiscent of quiet Velvet Underground at times.

Summer Loving Torture Party!

I have big news which I will announce at my next headline gig in Montreal, the Summer Loving Torture Party at Casa del Popolo.

Since it might be my last gig in Montreal for awhile, I am inviting a bunch of my musical friends to come and play 2-3 songs cabaret style, all proceeds going to the SPCA. Hopefully a fun, laid-back night will be had by all. Its PWYC, which Im starting to feel is the best way to do gigs (no guestlist!). So far here’s who’s showing up:

Lil Andy
Phil Shearing (Paddle to the Sea)
Michel O’Nary (the Hot Showers)
Pang Attack
Sean Foster
James Correa

stay tuned for more info.


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Keep in Touch! Hear about news and events

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