Teenage Paws Vinyl 7″

The vinyl has arrived, the date is confirmed and the other acts have been lined up. If your in the Montreal area come and join us for the Teenage Paws Vinyl 7″ release party!

Like the post on facebook for your chance to win big!

Join the event on facebook and like the sticky post to get entered in a draw for the teenage paws vinyl and a copy of the critically acclaimed album, The Wake of the Wonder Years!

Don’t miss these other awesome bands!!

For the release party, I have really lucked out and two of the best musical acts in Montreal are on board to play! Im talking about Mike O’Brien and the Sunfields!

Where can I get my hands on this vinyl 7″ if I cant make the show Andrew?!

Im glad you asked. Practically every record store has em. So far that means Atom Heart, Sound Central, Phonopolois, Sonorama, and Cheap Thrills. Go and get yours now for a chance at free tickets to the show, and a complimentary copy of the WOTWY CD.

And in other news

We will be going into the studio soon to record Living In The Free World the first single from the next record, Brace for Impact. For the recording of this record, we will be going track by track and releasing a digital single as we go, with accompanying “viral” video. We will try to stay on a track per month schedule, and when its all wrapped up we will package the singles together as a single downloadable album. This will be the best way for me budget wise to make the record, and sounds like it will be a whole pile of fun!

Follow our progress on soundcloud using the Brace for Impact Pre-Production set! You can follow the link now to hear the pre-production demos and works in progress. Feel free to leave comments!


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Keep in Touch! Hear about news and events

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