Its been surprisingly busy considering that January and February are typically sleepy winter hibernation months for me. I kicked off the year with an amazing gig with wakey!wakey! at Cabaret du Mile End. Michael Grubbs was on fire that night and invited us to share the merch table after the gig. We made some new friends and sold an abnormally high amount of CDs considering that its 2013 and nobody buys CDs anymore. If your not already aware of Michael’s music I urge you to check it out!

Had an amazing time at Inspecteur Epingle with my new friends Wes Walls and Simon Walls. Considering that Montreal was knee deep in snow, the more than respectable turn out was really heartwarming for us, and the whole evening had a warm, feel-good vibe that I was really happy with. I got to test out some new tunes, including Night Owl, which always seems to get people to perk up their ears and listen. I couldn’t be happier, as its a very personal song, about a dearly departed friend from my high school days.

Next Friday im going to Ottawa to play with my two best friends from throughout my life, Misha Gellman and Eric Passmore. Both Misha and Eric are unique and talented songwriters and its been my pleasure to share my love of music and songwriting with them over all these years.

Well what else can I say….Im currently looking for a label to help take my career to the next level and work with me to put out my next record “Brace for Impact.” Its an anthemic collection of big picture songs that paint in broad strokes and address themselves to the stadium going concert goer. Im not ashamed to say that’s my goal, and I hope to make it happen sooner than later! Im very fortunate to be working with close musical conspirators Al Isler and Peter X on this endeavor and we hope to be able to deliver the record with or without a label by the end of 2013. You can checkout our progress by following along on the soundcloud set.

Don’t Stop Believing!


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