Happy Holidays and the Year in Review

This will likely be my last post of 2012, and what a year its been!

I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have the chance to work with some great people this year and its been a pleasure. Thanks in particular to The Musebox, Greenland Productions, Indaba Music, and thirdsidemusic for the help and support this year!

Thanks also to all the bands we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with this year. And a heartfelt thank you to those of you that bought the record, checked out a show, wrote something positive, liked my page etc. etc. My music is the closest thing I have to a religion, and it truly means everything to me every time somebody supports my music!

We rounded out the year with a great show at Piranha Bar that we recorded for release, with photos by Susan Moss. It was a great night that really put me in the mood for many more live shows to come in 2013.

Happy holidays and all the best until my next blog post in 2013!

Andrew Johnston and the Hurricane Live at Piranha Bar!

The live recording from the show at Piranha Bar on November 15th is all mixed and mastered (kudos go to Al Isler for an excellent job) and ready for your listening pleasure!

Live Photos by Susan Moss

We had the pleasure of working with Susan for the recording of our live album at Piranha Bar. It was a great night and she did a fantastic job capturing the moment!

032-Andrew Johnston-lo res-photo Susan Moss

Click for the complete Set


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Keep in Touch! Hear about news and events

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