I had the distinct pleasure of watching the documentary Anvil: The Story of Anvil last night. Its a really well made film with a heartwarming story of friendship and family at its core, and its no wonder it has been universally loved and acclaimed.

I must say being a musician of 34 years of age still duking it out on the Montreal club scene after all these years, I totally related to these guys; Especially at a time when I’m planning to start my own family here in Montreal, with no plans to stop playing live, or stop believing in my dreams. It was really inspiring to see how these guys have navigated their friendships, family and the rigorous demands of the music business, all the while churning out 13 plus records in the process.

And for anybody who thinks that these guys are past it, or that the film only serves to let us gawk at the misadventure of a once-great, failed band, your missing the point of the film, and you might also be missing a much larger point: These guys are living the life they want to live, and they are not afraid to be 100% themselves in the process. To me that’s one of the greatest challenges in life, and perhaps life’s greatest achievement if done successfully. I know that personally, I struggle everyday to be myself and feel comfortable in my own skin, as I navigate the many roles and responsibilities that I am faced with as musician, employee, husband and friend. Personally, Id rather be in their shoes than in the shoes of a band that gets everything handed to them but lacks the backbone, conviction or integrity to see the thing through. I’m in Anvil’s corner because they do what they do for all the right reasons, and I hope to follow their example.

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