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You hear all about how direct to fan marketing strategies are helping independent musicians generate income from their music. So you set up a campaign to promote your music…

Maybe you run a few Facebook ads, you create a landing page where people can sign up for some free music, and then you send out a few emails to your new fans in the hope of selling albums or attracting support for a crowdfunding campaign…

…but then sadly, nothing happens.

Your ads are WAY too expensive, new subscribers are few and far between, and the album sales just don’t come in…

In most cases there is a very good reason for these kinds of poor results…

Success with any kind of online marketing almost always boils down to one, very misunderstood, not-so-sexy little word…

…that word, is “copywriting”.

I’m a technical writer with over 15 years of experience writing copy that helps to explain products and get people to that “a ha” moment. I’ve taken the writing skills that I’ve been honing in the tech world, and now I apply them to the music industry to help artists just like you to clearly and effectively communicate either messages to their fans. This results in clearer messaging, more conversions, more funds, and, of course, greater monetization.


Marketing and websites

Marketing and Websites

I love to teach other artists a systematic approach for identifying your potential fans, driving traffic, growing your fanbase on auto-pilot, and then monetizing your relationship with your fans by selling music, memberships, tickets and merch. To do this I bring to bear my two decades worth of experience in the music business, as well as 5 years working at Shopify where I got a crash course into technology, e-commerce, branding and marketing. I want to combine all of these skills together to help you succeed. I am a specialist using the Single marketing app within Shopify to help musicians monetize through Livestreams, creating NFTs, membership sites, and other modern music marketing techniques. Part of this might involve designing and implementing websites. I am proficient and have experience building sites using Shopify, WordPress (Woo Commerce), and TunePipe.

Live show consultation

Live Show Consultation
I have extensive experience performing as a solo artist using live looping, midi controllers, and Ableton Live to deliver engaging and inspiring performances. I love working with artists one-on-one to design shows or teach how to design shows.
If you’re new to Ableton, I can give you the tools you need to create an incredible sonic experience for your audience.
We’ll prepare tracks for live performance, build sets in arrangement and session view, explore effects, experiment with live looping, and more!
We’ll also implement a wide range of midi controllers and techniques so you can confidently perform your music in your unique style.

Andrew and Laura Escude at Shopify


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Keep in Touch! Hear about news and events

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