About Andrew

Hey! I’m Andrew, An Artist, Songwriter, Producer And Music Educator Based Out Of Wakefield Quebec. With my music production company Minute One, I have been producing professionally for several years, primarily working with artists that I release on my label, Enabler Records.

I have worked in a variety of genres ranging from indie folk, and country, right through to heavy metal and hip hop.

In addition to producing, I also write my own music and release it as Andrew Johnston, or Andrew vs.the Enabler.My music has been featured in movies and television shows such as “In Your Eyes”:  produced by Joss Wheedon’s Bellwether pictures, and songs from that movie appeared on the Lakeshore records soundtrack alongside artists such as Iron and Wine, and Santigold.

I also work as a technical writer for software companies and recently finished up a 5 year stint at Shopify where I learned a lot about technology, e-commerce and marketing. I try to bring what I learned there to what I do in music with Enabler Records, Minute One Production, and my educational efforts. I enjoy working with artists to teach them about marketing, copywriting and how to make websites that will help them monetize their careers. As part of my time at Shopify I helped bring Laura Escude’s seminar “The art of designing a live show” there in 2019.

When I’m not making music or creating new content, I love spending time with my kids, and playing basketball.


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